Real-Time Shipment Tracking:
Are You Solving These
Six Critical International
Logistics Challenges?


The Harvard Business Review highlighted that 60% of business leaders consider “lack of transparency” over “freight procurement processes” to be a risk. Another survey revealed that 69% of businesses lack “total visibility” of their supply chain.

At a time when eCommerce demands are intensifying international shipping, these statistics pose concerns with regards to costs, business sustenance, and customer experience. Hence, leveraging real-time shipment tracking capabilities becomes imperative.

Download our data-rich eBook with insights from a customer success story to know how to address the six critical cross-border logistics challenges of:

  • Lack of Shipment ETA Visibility

  • Inefficient Just-in-Time Shipping Operations

  • Poor Stakeholder Collaboration & Audits

  • Growing Freight & Incidental Costs

  • Fast Decline in Customer Experience

  • Lack of Knowledge about CO2 Emissions

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