State (Now) of Europe’s Logistics & 6 Ways AI & Automation Address the Region’s Unique Concerns

Growing demand for 3PL services, acute driver shortages, increasing delivery failures, sustainability goals and geo-political disruptions are transforming supply chain management in Europe. Digitization of core transportation processes are emerging to be extremely beneficial, especially in terms of cost reduction, customer experience, emission elimination and delivery accuracy.

In this eBook we uncover nine glaring logistics challenges of Europe and also highlight how AI and automation are aiding enterprises.

Download it and know:

  • How to gain real-time visibility of goods movement from factories to distribution centers and end customers

  • The multi-courier management strategy businesses are using to improve serviceability

  • Why it’s extremely easy to provide your customer with “Uber-like” tracking experience

  • Why business are digitizing workforce management to mitigate driver shortage impact

  • How to quickly reap the economic benefits of logistics sustainability

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