7 Ways to Boost Warehouse Productivity Using Technology

The need to efficiently manage growing SKUs, fulfill same and next-day deliveries, reduce cycle times and optimize resource utilization are driving businesses to focus on warehouse productivity. Let’s explore how technology can seamlessly address these.

Strategies to Enhance Productivity of Warehouse Executives

  • Advanced Picking Strategies: Advanced picking strategies help warehouse managers organize items into discrete zones/islands each dedicated to a specific type of product. Then using a smart forwarding system orders can be directed to appropriate picking zones based on order priority, product type, or location. Together this ensures efficient picking routes and higher pick rates.

  • Cross-docking: Deploying cross-docking is a great way to minimize handling and storage time, reducing warehouse space requirements and expediting the flow of goods through the distribution network.

  • Inventory Slotting Techniques: By categorizing products according to demand velocity, size, weight, etc, modern inventory slotting strategies allow warehouse managers to optimize warehouse space management. This not only maximizes space utilization but also improves picking efficiency.

  • App-Based Operations: Using mobile-based picking, putaway, cycle count and inventory movement empowers warehouse staff to gain real-time updates, better communication and execute tasks more efficiently.

  • Creating Zones & Subzones for Faster Processing: Grouping similar products significantly improves picking, packing and shipping and makes locating items quicker. This is crucial in cases where SKUs appear similar as it ensures that the right product is sent to the right customer.

  • Gamifying Staff Performance: Using gamification tools and intuitive leaderboards that leverage real-time data to provide immediate recognition and visibility to top-performing warehouse staff, helps businesses boost staff morale and fosters healthy competition.

  • AI-Powered Performance Feedback : Leveraging AI-powered analytics allows warehouse managers to offer personalized performance feedback to executives, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. They are motivated to maintain and improve their performance, knowing their efforts are tracked and rewarded.

Impact of an Advanced Warehouse Management System

92% Reduction in year-on-year inventory shrinkage
50% Reduction in loss due to expiry
99.9% Inventory accuracy
23% Increase in warehouse productivity

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