Supply Chain Predictions 2024: 7 Ways AI will Take us Closer to Completely Autonomous Supply Chains

From improving productivity and predictability by 10X, automating issue identification and resolution, fostering generative AI powered conversations to reducing costs and boosting CX, AI will become the very core of autonomous supply chains and unified fulfillment experiences. According to McKinsey&Company, successfully implementing AI-enabled supply-chain management has enabled early adopters to improve logistics costs by 15%, inventory levels by 35%, and service levels by 65%, compared with slower-moving competitors.

This eBook, highlights seven critical ways AI will disrupt the supply chain industry and deliver never-before seen efficiencies. Download it now and learn:

  • Why AI-powered agents and co-pilots will be more capable of resolving incidents

  • How you can program AI-powered to generate highly accurate responses

  • Why AI will be pivotal to mitigating transportation risks

  • The magic behind a truly unified fulfillment experience

  • Why public digital infrastructure will be key to delivery accuracy

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