Revolutionize Logistics with Shipsy’s AI Co-Pilot LIA

Shipsy’s Logistics Intelligence Assistance (LIA) offers
prescriptive and predictive incident management for
seamless logistics operations

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Faster and accurate incident resolution saves time,
builds trust, and creates better overall processes.
Step into the new era of logistics management with
Shipsy’s AI co-pilot, LIA! Currently in closed beta

Take a peak into LIA’s capabilities:

Realize the True Potential of AI with LIA

Proactive incident management
using predictive/prescriptive

Informed decision-making
powered by advanced analytics

Automate processes like
rerouting and rider allocation for
seamless operations

How LIA is Transforming Logistics

Real-Time Incident Management

  • Worried about SLA breaches? LIA will send alerts when any operations thresholds are about to be breached to proactively prevent failures.

Incentive Management

  • Wish to reward driver partners fairly? Based on historical performance data, LIA recommends which driver should be rewarded.

Demand Management

  • Demand spikes resulting in missed opportunities? LIA quickly finds freelance couriers to meet demand surges.

Courier Performance Monitoring

  • Looking for greater visibility into courier KPIs? LIA analyzes the KPIs of couriers and instantly highlight performance gaps

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