eCommerce Logistics: New Efficiencies Adding Up To The Equation

August 2022 | By Cargo Connect Vol XIII Issue IX

The following is an excerpt from the coverage that appeared on page 45 of CARGO CONNECT magazine, Vol XIII Issue IX August 2022 edition.


Dhruv Agrawal, Co-founder and COO, Shipsy says, “eCommerce has made a lot of progress in terms of using technology to optimize customer shopping and delivery experience, but many inefficiencies still exist. These include the inability to manage returns, growing first attempt delivery failures, inaccurate customer address, poor customer visibility over delivery operations, incorrect ETAs, and surging last mile delivery costs.”

He further adds, “Smart logistics management platform helps eCommerce providers and retailers to gain better control over their logistics operations. It enables them to manage multiple logistics partners using a single dashboard that ensures a high level of SLA adherence and better benchmarking of logistics KPIs.”

Agrawal says, “One-fourths of all consumers globally return almost 5 -15% of products they purchase online. Since chances of a customer returning a product will always exist, it is essential that brands provide a seamless returns experience to customers and gain a competitive advantage.” 

Agrawal says, “Technology can augment the efforts of a logistics service provider to simplify and, at the same time, carve an exceptional return experience for end customers. It can provide real-time visibility over the pickup ETAs and facilitate the timely settlement of payments. This not only boosts customer confidence but also increases the chances of repeat sales with the brand.” 



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