Drones: Revolutionizing Last-mile Delivery

August 2022 | By Logistics & SCM

Following is an excerpt from coverage that appeared on pages 24-25, 26-27 of Logistics & SCM magazine Vol 01, Issue 04, August 2022 edition



Dhruv Agrawal, COO and Co-founder, Shipsy raised a concern that mass adoption will come with multiple challenges such as the safety and security of parcels, ensuring the shortest aerial distance with respect to real-time conditions, etc.

“Ensuring prompt deliveries in thickly populated areas, such as colonies with multiple-story establishments, and ensuring customer satisfaction can also become challenging. Capturing Proof of Deliveries (PoDs), successful deliveries, reasons for non-delivery, completing RTOs, and Adhoc issues, such as order theft, pet encounters, entangling with trees, cables, etc are some other bottlenecks. All in all, drone-based last-mile delivery is nearer than we think and is going to be an amazing event to transpire in last-mile logistics in India and across the globe.”




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