Advanced logistics tools are empowering pharma companies to ensure fast transportation of vaccines: Soham Chokshi

August 27, 2021 | By Pharma Biz

Advanced logistics tools are empowering pharmaceutical companies to ensure safe and fast transportation of vaccines in a highly controlled environment, stated Soham Chokshi, co-founder and CEO, Shipsy.

Chokshi added, “The logistics sector is already playing an active role in battling Covid. The sector has been running to dispense Covid-specific equipment/goods such as sanitizers, masks, PPE kits at all ends since the outbreak. It is helping pharmaceutical giants to tide over any logistical challenges in the timely disbursal of critical medicines. From procuring raw materials to the distribution of medicines, the sector has been taking care of it all.”

Shipsy stated that it also helps ACT Grants, Udhyam, and DTDC manage and facilitate on-time deliveries of Covid-relief equipment worldwide.

The company added that rapid innovation in delivery management technologies empowered customers to get both essentials, including life-saving medicines, and non-essential items delivered at their doorstep in hours, eliminating the need to venture out into public places.

Disruptive logistics technologies have ensured prompt disbursement of vaccines. Covid vaccines need to be handled with utmost care.

Building supply chain intelligence is critical to overcoming these challenges, and businesses need to stay abreast of the current trends to navigate these unprecedented times.

“Today, artificial intelligence and data analytics have made it easier to forecast demand and be prepared for what’s next. Advanced logistics management platforms help companies respond proactively with agility. They ensure automation, scale, visibility, and collaboration when they matter the most. Companies having digitized their logistics journey can flex a lot better when responding to continuously evolving market dynamics,” added Chokshi.

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