G2 Recognizes Shipsy As Leaders and High Performers in Several Critical Supply Chain and Logistics Categories

June 27, 2022 | By Shipsy

Gurugram: Shipsy, a leading SaaS-based smart logistics management provider, recently announced that it had been recognized as leaders and high performers in several critical categories in the G2 Summer and Spring Grid® Reports 2022.

The Grid Reports highlighted Shipsy as leaders in “Shipping Software,” “Route Planning Software,” “3PL Software,” and “Last Mile Delivery Software.” Shipsy has also been recognized as a high performer in “Transportation Management Systems (TMS).”

Shipsy averages 4.3 out of 5 stars in user reviews, and the company has been consistently strengthening its position as a leader in multiple aspects of supply chain and logistics in G2 Grid® Reports. G2 is a top peer-to-peer review platform that customers visit to read and write authentic reviews about software services and products.

The reports stated that Shipsy is rated No.1 in “Ease of Use” in the ‘Transportation Management Systems (TMS)’ category and No.1 for “Unshipped products” under the ‘Shipping’ category.

Shipsy also received the following badges from G2– Leader Summer 2022 (Shipping), High Performer Summer 2022 (Transport Management System and Route Planning), Users Love Us, High Performer Spring 2022 (Transport Management System and Freight Management) and High Performer Winter 2022 (Freight Management). Here are some of Shipsy’s recent G2 reviews:

“The product is really good and has helped us to scale from a few thousand orders per day to multiple hundred thousand orders per day. The team is very competent and supportive and works as a partner rather than a vendor,” says a Founder, enterprise.

They have a good team who can help you to fix any bug even if your site is having a problem, whatever the issue is, they will guide you in the right steps to fix it,” says a Senior IT enterprise executive.

“Vast Industry knowledge of Supply Chain Solutioning, out-of-the-box thinking is the core tenets, agility is another important trait in Shipsy’s leadership team that we noticed. Commitment to customer success is also commendable,” says a VP IT enterprise executive.

Read all of Shipsy’s G2 reviews: https://www.g2.com/products/shipsy-shipsy/reviews 

About Shipsy

Shipsy enables businesses worldwide to build resilient, connected, agile, sustainable and autonomous supply chain and logistics operations. Its smart logistics management platform empowers businesses to significantly reduce operating costs, lower carbon footprint, enhance customer experiences, boost delivery productivity, and drive seamless cross-border freight movement. Shipsy’s 350+ team is based out of India, Dubai, and Indonesia serving 170+ customers across the globe. Shipsy manages 100,000+ containers per month, procures freight worth $100m+ per month, powers 50mn+ parcels per month, and has over 90000 monthly active drivers. On a broader perspective, Shipsy has integrations with 45+ major shipping lines, 50+ third-party logistics companies, 300+ freight forwarders, 50+ customs agents, and over 15,000 adopted shipper networks. To know more about us, please visit shipsy.io.




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