How AI Is Transforming Logistics Sector

January 03, 2022 | By Manufacturing Today

The members on the panel included Soham Chokshi, Co-Founder & CEO,; Venu Kondur, CEO & Co-founder, LOBB; Krishna Guha, Co-founder, Caliper Business Solution, Innovator of transportEG, Founder of BAP Global; and Parag Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, GoBOLT.

“People want to move away from human-based decision making,” notes Soham Chokshi, Co-Founder & CEO, endorsing the earlier speakers on the role of technology in logistics.

He was speaking in the context of shippers, especially the large ones, who don’t want to go with the aggregators and want to deal with the vendors themselves. At the same time, they are at a loss at selecting from among a multiple vendors that they have empanelled; scanning the historic performance of a vendor; the status of digitised contracts; digitised SLAs; performance vs SLAs; the mode of transport- air, water or rail – to select; if by ocean then whether to go with LCL or FCL; and a host of other intelligence inputs to arrive at a decision.

These are the places where there is a need for intelligence in logistics, according to the Co-Founder CEO of, among the leading SaaS based solution providers for reducing logistic cost and enabling on-time delivery working on a ‘Bloomberg for supply-chain’ model.



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