Leveraging a Do-it-Yourself Dashboard

February 2023 | By Enterprise Channels MEA

The following coverage appeared on page 46 in Enterprise Channels MEA, Vol 10, Issue 07, February 2023 edition.

AI enables businesses to become future-ready. It helps with capacity planning for future delivery requirements, understanding customer preferences (delivery time slots), optimising territory planning to balance freelance vs own fleet, etc. Moreover, it helps gain visibility of incidental charges even before they occur and get insights over CO2 emissions before the shipment journey commences, among other processes.

Predictive analytics empowers logistics enterprises with efficient route planning, inventory management, and capturing KPI-based real-time rider performance for fair incentivisation. A more profound use case of predictive analytics and automation may help businesses save more money. The tech can analyse customers’ shopping/return patterns to execute highly personalised deliveries. It would be great to see this materialise.

Since big data analytics requires a lot of computing power and storage, cloud-based platforms will continue to grow in adoption.  

The global predictive analytics market size was estimated at USD 11.49 Bn in 2021, and it is expected to reach a valuation of USD 55.5 Bn by 2032. Channel partners know the benefits of predictive analytics, including optimising processes and performance, mitigating risks, gaining a competitive advantage, and more. 

Shipsy BI (Business Intelligence) is an intuitive DIY dashboard that helps businesses reduce complexities and costs by deriving actionable insights and establishing correlations across diverse data points. The platform generates critical insights across multiple use cases, such as first-attempt delivery rates, SLA adherence, driver productivity or attendance, average delivery time, and more, to unearth conclusive insights from a store to an entire organisational level.

The tool quickly identifies the KPIs for each operational task and generates customised reports to share across teams. It empowers businesses to make efficient and quicker data-based decisions, identify the root cause, and share (or validate) before executing corrective measures — all within seconds.

Shipsy has integrations across 64+ major shipping lines, 50+ third-party logistics companies, 300+ freight forwarders, 50+ customs agents, and a network of over 20,000 global shippers. Our technology is also empowering 100,000+ customer fleets. 

Shipsy uses a low code/no code technology, so investments in engineering and training are minimal. Anyone can plug and play our solutions. However, we also provide dedicated channel managers to ensure in-depth platform training to enhance your domain authority and command.

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