Seriously Working on Domestic Market, Shipsy Expands Technology with Blockchain

August 26, 2022 | By Warta Ekonomi

Technology for logistics company Shipsy recently opened its operational office in Jakarta. According to Shipsy CEO Soham Chokshi, Indonesia is still the largest market by far, so when you want to be the leading market leader in Southeast Asia, you must start by being at the forefront of Indonesia first.

“When we talk about Southeast Asia, we can’t do it without being the market leader in Indonesia first. This is the largest market to date. We firmly believe that all the solutions we have in the various regions where we operate will really help our customers not only now, but also in the future,” he said when met in Jakarta some time ago.

According to Soham, the strategy that Shipsy will implement in Indonesia is to complement its technology solutions with local infrastructures. Technology is now such a core part of any company’s operations that they need real time technical support.

“Basically we help retail companies, logistics and manufacturers reduce transportation costs, improve the customer experience so they receive deliveries faster and automate manual processes. This is where we help them. Besides Indonesia, previously we also had headquarters in Dubai and India,” he said in an official statement in Jakarta, Friday (26/8/2022).

Soham said that e-commerce, logistics and manufacturer companies are being encouraged to adopt the technology due to changing demands of end consumers. During the last seven years, he said, there have been changes in the delivery process. If previously it took six days, then it became five days, then changed to two days.

“Then it changed again to one day, to the point where consumers asked to arrive on the same day, even customers expected instant delivery within 30 minutes. So the ever-changing expectations of customers are really pushing companies to quickly adopt the technology. Including the emphasis on costs because customers don’t want to pay more for the delivery process,” he explained.

Artificial intelligence (AI) based technology is able to design routes more efficiently and optimize all transportation to reduce costs.

“This is the solution we provide to our customers in the market. And there are also many logistical challenges in Indonesia, similar to India and the Middle East, such as difficulties in navigation. And this is a common challenge,” he added. 

Soham said that Shipsy’s focus in Indonesia is helping customers by setting up a local team led by a Country Manager. The local support includes technical support to assist e-Commerce and logistics companies operating here.

“We see Indonesia playing a very big role, not only this year, but also in the next five to 10 years. Indonesia will become a very strong operational center for the Southeast Asia Region,” he said.

In addition to strengthening the market in Indonesia, Shipsy also plans to expand its technology by adopting blockchain. According to Soham, trust is the most important problem in the logistics business, especially when customers receive shipments that no one can guarantee whether they are genuine or not.

“We believe that blockchain can be very useful and have all the information of an asset correctly,” he concluded.



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