Shipsy Announce Innovation Centre for Logistics Management

October 23rd, 2023 | By

Logistics management leader Shipsy have announced a new innovation centre in the Netherlands as part of their global expansion. The move comes after a major partnership with one of Germany’s largest logistics companies, and a European retail giant, solidifying Shipsy’s position as a significant player in the European logistics technology ecosystem.

Shipsy is a leading logistics Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and the new centre is being established at a transformative time in European logistics, marked by e-commerce booms, sustainability goals, and evolving regulations.

A transformative time in European logistics

“Shipsy is heavily investing in AI in logistics. Our AI-driven software platform is designed to empower businesses to enhance customer experiences, optimise logistics costs, and automate operations with unparalleled precision. In addition, we are also helping businesses in Europe resolve pressing issues in logistics, like enabling rapid network expansion and reducing CO2e emissions,” says Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-founder of Shipsy. Shipsy is also actively seeking new partnerships within the logistics ecosystem to broaden its impact.

With a global talent pool of 280+ employees across 7 countries, Shipsy powers over 150 Million parcel movement, and tracks 650,000+ containers monthly. Shipsy also has contributed to the reduction of over 1 billion miles travelled, and saved 800+ KT of CO2e emissions.

Shipsy growth in Africa

It follows Shipsy expanding their activities in Africa after a rapid growth in customers.

Since the last few quarters, Shipsy has rapidly grown its presence in African markets by onboarding customers in the courier, express and parcel, last-mile delivery, eCommerce, and retail segments. Its commitment to transform the continent’s logistics operations was mirrored in its plan to onboard local talent, explore technology partnerships and boost customer service.

Online commerce is gaining significant momentum in Africa and is opening up lucrative opportunities for SaaS-based logistics management platform providers. According to the International Trade Administration, Africa is projected to surpass half a billion eCommerce users by 2025 with a steady CAGR of 17%. Fashion and electronics products are the biggest sales revenue generators, with fashion products and electronics predicted to reach US$ 13.4 billion and US$ 11.2 billion respectively in annual sales by 2025.

“The growth in Africa’s online commerce has been inspiring. Shipsy’s technology will play a pivotal role in helping realise the objectives of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), especially with regard to reducing transportation costs and delays and improving service quality. With Apoorva joining us as an advisor for Africa, we are confident we will rapidly proliferate the African market,” said Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-Founder, Shipsy.

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