Shipsy announces work from home indefinitely, sets up ”hot desk” for team to get together

September 30, 2021 | By Outlook

Mumbai, Sep 30 (PTI) Logistics platform Shipsy on Thursday announced work from home (WFH) indefinitely for its talent pool and the setting up of a ”hot desk” pan-India for the team to get together as and when required.
A SaaS (software-as-a-service)-based end-to-end logistics services provider, Shipsy has been scaling up its hiring operations across India, the Middle East and the US since the beginning of this year despite a curb of people”s movement amid the ongoing pandemic.

A lot of companies globally are opting for remote working for their staff, owing to the pandemic.

Shipsy is embracing the future of work as its talent pool can now indefinitely work from home, making it a remote-first organisation, the company said in a statement.

The company said it currently has over 200 workforce, comprising over 70 engineers, 40 personnel in the R&D team and 40 people in the sales and marketing department, among others.

According to a research, remote working is gradually picking up pace at a global scale. Between 2005 and 2018, remote work grew 173 per cent and that by 2025, it was expected to become a widely accepted reality, Shipsy said.

As much as 88 per cent of global companies offered remote work for all their employees during COVID-19. The pandemic drove businesses to accept this future of work five years early, it said.

The company also said that to foster innovation and collaboration, it is opening hot desks across the country for the team to get together as and when needed. The organisation will leverage co-working and on-demand workspaces to provide employees with state-of-the-art office environments, Shypsy said.

Shipsy CEO and co-founder Soham Chokshi said, “Remote working is a reality now. Employers can no longer expect people to follow conventional work schedules and norms. We are crafting modern policies that enable our people to work from the location of their choice.”

Access to advanced collaboration tools and superior connectivity are rapidly eliminating stigmas associated with WFH and virtual hiring, he added.

The company said it has been scaling up its hiring operations across India, the Middle East and the US, which is critical to support its hyper-growth momentum and aggressive plans to expand across geographies.

“We have increased our workforce by more than 25 per cent this year via efficient remote on boarding and engagement operations. Having said that, we understand that preferences vary when it comes to working from home or office.

“Hence, we will also ensure our people have access to a proper physical office setup on-demand,” Chokshi added. PTI IAS HRS

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