Shipsy CEO Makes Conscious Food Choices, Works Out 45 Mins Daily

October 06, 2021 | By ET Panache

Soham Chokshi, Founder and CEO of Shipsy, follows simple routines to stay healthy. Waking up early and drinking a glass of hot water on an empty stomach goes a long way when it comes to getting the right head start.

Post that, he hits the gym. “Well, ‘hit’ might be the wrong word since the gym is now an at-home setup. This morning routine, coupled with long walks in the evening, works well for me. I indulge in a 45 minutes early morning workout daily. I do muscle training focusing on different body parts each day. Fitness to me does not end with having a healthy lifestyle and exercising. It also includes undergoing activities that keep the mind at ease, helps channel focus on the objectives and goals I want to achieve on a given day, and stay positive. Staying positive is critical in these unprecedented times,” he says.

What works for Chokshi is knowing what not to eat. “I am a foodie who makes conscious eating decisions. I refrain from having junk food. It’s hard, I know, but I manage to do it. It makes me happy that I have complete control over my eating habits. And yes, I consider lethargy my enemy, so I stick to two meals a day which are not very heavy,” he says.

Staying positive, considering challenges as opportunities, focusing on what can be done right rather than getting depressed over what went wrong, and not indulging in too many things at a time helps Chokshi navigate through all that’s going on around him. He is always surrounded by vibrant, energetic, and highly talented people.

“This definitely helps me stay upbeat and continuously drive happy thoughts. Also, I try to keep a check on multitasking, as too much of it can be counterproductive. I have at most three tabs open on my browser at any given time. I don’t take more than two to three critical business decisions a day. I generally start my week with three tasks that I must pick and close within those seven days. It helps me stay organized and see events clearly. I also meditate whenever I find some time when there are too many things going on. It helps me get calm and make better decisions,” he says.

Chokshi took Popeye’s advice on having spinach regularly very seriously as a child. “I still try to maintain that. Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin E. It helps revitalize the human brain and keep brain-related diseases at bay. Everyone should eat spinach, lettuce, and kale. Water and fruits are two other things that I consume a lot to keep my energy levels up,” he shares.

Chokshi doesn’t believe in one-time but on-the-go spiritual cleansing. “For that, I always try to do the right thing and not the convenient one. I try my best to have a clear intent and practice mindfulness in whatever I do. That’s more my kind of spiritual detoxification,” he ends.

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