Shipsy Elevates Role in Dubai’s Logistics Market with Strategic Innovation Focus

January 4th, 2024 | By

With significant revenue coming from the Middle East, Shipsy, the 3PL management firm from India, is strengthening its role in Dubai to develop products that suit today’s SaaS-based logistics solutions market.

The company reckons that Dubai’s strategic location on the global map and the government’s support for tech startups and innovative initiatives, including integration of AI in various sectors combined with a conducive entrepreneurial environment, complement its vision for leveraging technology for sustainable and efficient logistics solutions.

Shipsy was established in 2015 and has expanded its operations in the UAE since opening its regional headquarters in Dubai in 2019. It worked towards becoming a pivotal force in the region’s technology space with AI and automation-powered supply chain platforms.

Developing products in Dubai offers a unique blend of strategic advantages that align perfectly with goals at Shipsy, said Harsh Kumar, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. Dubai’s strategic location serves as a gateway to diverse markets in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, presenting ample opportunities for expansion and collaboration, he added.

On the company’s USP, he said in today’s SaaS based logistics solutions market, most tech companies provide only point solutions. For instance, some address only last-mile challenges, others cater exclusively to cross-border logistics, and some focus solely on warehousing issues. Shipsy, however, offers a truly integrated fulfilment solution experience encompassing warehousing, inventory management, and transportation.

By developing a comprehensive IT infrastructure tailored to the region’s logistics landscape, Shipsy optimizes operations in line with the UAE’s focus on technological innovation and smart city initiatives, he said.

“As much as 35 per cent of our revenue is generated from the Middle East and UAE is a major contributor. We are expecting to clock a growth rate of 125 per cent in the Middle East. One of the major reasons behind establishing a RHQs in Dubai was to on board top local talent and the journey has been really great till date,’’ Harsh Kumar said.

“We are empowering Indian companies in the UAE to ensure enhanced management of export and import operations. Using Shipsy, these companies are significantly reducing freight costs, partnering with right carriers, gaining real time visibility of container movement, simplifying and automating complex custom processes and more”.

On future plans, he said the company recently opened an innovation centre in the Netherlands. This strategic move comes on the heels of a major partnership with one of Germany’s largest logistics companies and a European retail giant, solidifying Shipsy’s position as a key player in the European logistics technology landscape. The Netherlands, a hub for technology innovation and logistics, was an obvious choice for Shipsy’s European expansion.

On the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, Kumar said, often create uncertainties, but the company’s business resilience relies on adaptable strategies. While these tensions occasionally impact regional stability, Shipsy remains agile, diversifying operations across multiple global regions. Our focus on delivering cutting-edge logistics solutions transcends geopolitical challenges.

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