Shipsy Helps ACT Grants, Udhyam, DTDC Deliver Covid-relief Equipment

Jul 05, 2021 | By Economic Times

Chennai: Saas-based global trade and logistics management platform, Shipsy on Monday announced that it has joined hands with ACT Grants and Udhyam to streamline deliveries of COVID-specific relief equipment.

The collaboration aims to address automation, shipment visibility, traceability, logistical, and other challenges throughout the product journey, the company said in a statement.

As a response to the second wave of Covid, Udhyam in collaboration with ACT Grants has been actively involved in raising funds from donors around the world to procure Covid relief equipment such as oxygen concentrators, BiPAPs, and others.

“We must prepare for the third wave as a country. The key lies in being prepared well in advance to avoid last-minute slip-ups and panic. But it is easier said than done,” Mekin Maheshwari, Founder and CEO Udhyam said.

The absence of the right tools and technology made it difficult to manage the heavy volume of inbound and outbound logistics, amid the surging demand for the equipment from across the country, the statement said. The entire process including critical communication with logistics partners remained scattered across various modes and mostly manual.

It was particularly complex for the teams to process the requests properly due to the sheer scale and complexity of the process. Shipment status, traceability, awareness about the contents, and successful deliveries were other issues before the partnering organizations and concerning parties.

“Shipsy’s cloud-based advanced AI platform was able to pull scores of data, compile it effortlessly on a single dashboard, and streamlined communication across different stakeholders. It led to better visibility and efficacious management, all within two days,” Mekin added.

DTDC, one of India’s largest courier brands, has also been engaged with doing temperature-controlled deliveries of COVID vaccines via the Shipsy global trade and logistics management platform. It is using Shipsy’s AI-enabled platform for route optimization, ePODs, and other features to facilitate speedy and contactless deliveries.

“When DTDC became the first Express company in India to be bestowed with the responsibility of delivering COVID vaccines, it was both a moment of pride and challenge for us due to the shipment’s highly perishable nature. DTDC deployed various state-of-the-art solutions from real-time temperature monitoring to intelligent flight and route management programs. Shipsy’s logistics management solution was one of the solutions deployed. This has helped us to deliver the shots well in time, preventing  ..

Shipsy’s low-code SaaS platform helped configure a complete shipment management platform for its partners, digitizing the entire order journey.

The AI-powered engine triggered automatic updates through WhatsApp and SMS enabling complete visibility over the shipments. Moreover, the notifications shared with recipients contained training links on how to use the equipment.

“Timely disbursal of Covid-critical goods is imperative in our fight against the pandemic. We are delighted to extend the capabilities of our AI-powered cloud solutions to resolve and expedite the management and delivery operations for our partner organizations in this regard. This will pave the way for many other future collaborations to eradicate the disease from its root,” Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-founder of Shipsy said.

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