Shipsy Helps Global Businesses Reduce Shipping Cost by 10% & Make Logistics Sustainable

July 7, 2022 | By VAR

Harsh Kumar, Chief Strategy Officer at Shipsy, speaks to The Integrator about the company’s growing regional presence and how it is helping businesses build resilient supply chains.

How can Shipsy be a competent partner for the logistic operations of SMEs and large enterprises?

Regardless of size, an enterprise can opt for Shipsy’s AI-powered logistics management platform to automate their export operations, rate procurement operations, handling of large orders, documentation processes, and track bulk shipments in real-time.

In both domestic and cross-border shipping, we empower customers to reduce their freight costs by up to 10 percent through enhanced route planning of shipments and intelligent procurement processes. Shipsy also helps businesses build sustainable supply chain operations by reducing miles traveled, shrinking empty miles, reducing trip volumes, and enabling enterprises to monitor CO2 emissions actively across air, water and land.

We ensure end-to-end granular-level visibility of goods and parcel movement to empower businesses to drive accurate decision making, identify cost optimization pockets, mitigate transportation risks, boost compliance and enhance customer experience.

What are the industry verticals that Shipsy is focusing on?

The Shipsy platform empowers global businesses across industries to optimize, automate, track and simplify end-to-end logistics and supply chain operations. Some of our customers include the second-largest tire manufacturer, the largest petrochemical company, a global Fortune 100 retailer, a leading steel manufacturer, the world’s most popular pizza chain, and many more. Since its inception, Shipsy has been consistently helping manufacturers, FMCG businesses, food delivery providers, restaurant chains, D2C brands, on-demand delivery providers, express logistics companies, healthcare brands, retailers, and many more to optimize logistics costs and boost customer service.

Is the Shipsy platform a standalone solution or does it allow integration of customers’ existing applications?

Either way, it works perfectly! Our platform can seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure. It can also be customized based on a customer’s unique needs and challenges to the greatest of degrees.

What are the competitive advantages an enterprise gets when it chooses Shipsy?

Technology adoption in the logistics industry is at a nascent stage. There are multiple solutions available in the market that only address specific parts of the entire ecosystem. Shipsy, on the other hand, delivers robust, data-driven, intelligent, and automated capabilities to improve logistics operations starting with export/import until a product is delivered to a customer’s doorstep. Also, we are not just technology providers but are partners to customers, and take immense pride in their growth.

Excellent. Beyond the product, what is the story of Shipsy? How did banking professionals come together to form a logistic platform?

That’s an interesting question. Even though we studied in different institutions, we had the same background — banking. At one point, we used to operate on a platform used by departments like finance, trading, sales, research, brokering, etc. It gave us the idea of creating a robust operating system to unify supply chain and logistics networks and all their stakeholders on a single platform.



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