Shipsy Showcases Technologies Enabling Companies to Build Sustainable Supply Chains at GITEX 2022

October 03, 2022 | By Al Bayan

Shipsy, the global company in providing smart logistics management technology services, will showcase at GITEX 2022 how its technology enables more than 200 companies around the world to access sustainable and economic logistics services.

In light of the increasing intensity of cross-border e-commerce activities, as well as fluctuating fuel prices, dwindling profit margins, and eventually rising e-commerce revenues, companies in the Middle East face many challenges, but these challenges can be turned into new opportunities provided that they are dealt with using appropriate technologies. For example, advanced routing capabilities and work to improve freight capacities dramatically lower logistics costs, while driving delivery productivity by ensuring deliveries increase by up to 14% per driver, while improving vehicle capacity utilization by 31%.

In addition, expectations about service level agreements (SLAs) in the region’s delivery industry, such as strict adherence to OTIF and delivery schedules, have evolved, especially with more and more customers wanting to receive their orders on the same day. In another context, reports also indicate that 65% of consumers in the Middle East are becoming more environmentally conscious and prioritizing sustainability.

Countries in the region are witnessing a boom in cross-border e-commerce, due to the modern infrastructure and the stable and encouraging business environment for investors. In fact, the UAE is already a global trading and trading hub, which will in turn increase its carbon footprint as a result of increased logistical activities. According to a recent report, the Middle East needs to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 42% to achieve its 2030 targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Hence the opportunity for regional supply chains and logistics companies to play a pivotal role in helping countries achieve their sustainability goals.

Shipsy’s Sustainability Dashboards enable companies to monitor the carbon emissions of their shipments even before the shipping journey begins. With this advanced view of CO2 emissions, companies can choose a logistics partner that follows sustainability best practices and helps reduce negative environmental impact.

Soham Chokshi, CEO and co-founder of Shipsy, said: “The transformation into the World Trade Center needs to be carefully planned, so that economic growth does not suffer from growing supply chains and the complexity of logistical operations. Companies can drive change by leveraging logistics management tools that embrace AI and automation technologies. These technology tools can help save mileage, eliminate mileage, reduce flight volumes, increase the productivity of overall deliveries, and even proactively monitor your carbon footprint to ensure compliance. Taken together, all of these capabilities can enable companies to easily absorb unprecedented costs while transforming their operations to become more resilient and environmentally friendly, in addition to delivering a positive bottom line and a seamless customer experience.”

At GITEX, SaaS company Shipsy will showcase success stories and technology-enabled best practices from customer success stories, to help logistics multi-stakeholders overcome e-commerce and retail supply chain challenges. To learn more about how a logistics management service provider can address unique logistical challenges and achieve operational excellence, you can book a meeting at, or visit our booth (H6A-18) to contact directly their experts at Gitex.



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