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December 13, 2022 | By Entrepreneur

Logistics startup Shipsy was founded merely seven years ago. Today, it claims to cater to over 220 customers worldwide, including the world’s most loved pizza chain, a global Fortune 100 retailer, a leading 10-minute grocery delivery provider, one of Asia’s largest express logistics providers, one of the world’s biggest tire manufacturers, and many more companies.

Shipsy’s AI-driven smart logistics management platform empowers global businesses to orchestrate, optimize, automate, track and simplify end-to-end logistics and supply chain operations. Its offerings span numerous solutions: freight procurement, shipment tracking, route optimization and planning, first-mile pickups, middle-mile logistics, last-mile delivery, courier aggregator, on-demand delivery, etc.

Additionally, the company has created a PLG-powered shipment tracking solution to allow businesses to track bulk shipments across the globe, be it domestic or international, using a single dashboard. It is a self-service-based logistics solution where customers can simply select a plan, make a payment and start tracking their shipments, noted Soham Chokshi, CEO and co-founder, Shipsy.

To maintain currency in the market, Shipsy consistently works on innovation and building capabilities that will solve tomorrow’s challenges. “We see ourselves as partners in our customer’s growth and digital transformation journey. The passion for nurturing and ensuring that our customers thrive in their business ecosystem makes a huge difference in how we execute operations. Besides, investing in disruptive technologies, such as AI/ML, NLP, IoT, Predictive Analytics, and Blockchain, helps us stay ahead of the curve. We also aggressively partner with global System Integrators (SI), niche channel partners, and software providers to rapidly increase the adoption of our technology across the globe,” explained Chokshi.

The platform claims to empower businesses to reduce the distance traveled by 5 per cent, lower trip volumes by 6 per cent, eliminate empty miles, and prevent engine idling to lower 12 per cent and 23 per cent mid-mile and last-mile costs. By automating core logistics processes, Shipsy enables businesses to deliver on evolving customer expectations of 10-minute one-hour, same-day, and next-day delivery SLAs. Predictive insights through ETAs and real-time tracking allow customers to track delivery progress in real-time and request personalized delivery slots, and payment methods, at their convenience. The system increases on-time delivery by 24 per cent and boosts customer satisfaction by 64 per cent, further claims the startup.

Given that companies often struggle to attain profitability in the tech space, how does Shipsy contend with this issue? “Addressing customer challenges on time and developing proactive mechanisms that enable tech companies to respond to real-time alerts and take affirmative action before problems actually strike is important. Building highly customizable solutions that easily address unique and evolving customer challenges is of immense significance,” responded Chokshi.

As for its future growth plans, the company aims to expand its geographical footprint to the US and the UK. “We will continue to hire top talent from across the globe. We will also be working on expanding our operational ambit and creating more value for stakeholders of all sizes by enabling easier access to trade financing options, trade insurance, and payment processing services,” he stated.


  • Year of inception: 2015
  • No. of employees: over 350
  • Revenue for FY 2021-22: We clocked a growth rate of 2.5 times
  • External funding received so far: A total of $31 Million in Series A and B rounds
  • Major clients: We have over 220 customers worldwide. Today, the world’s most loved pizza chain, a global Fortune 100 retailer, a leading 10-minute grocery delivery provider, one of Asia’s largest express logistics providers, one of the world’s biggest tire manufacturers, the original plant-based food company, among many others run their supply chain operations on Shipsy.



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