The “Omicron Chapter” For India’s Fast-moving Supply Chains

February 02, 2022 | By Cargo Connect

Following is an excerpt from a Special Feature on ‘The “Omicron Chapter” For India’s Fast-moving Supply Chains’ that appeared on pages 60, and 61 of CARGO CONNECT, VOL XIII ISSUE III February 2022.

“With consumers becoming more informed and assertive in this digital age, the onus invariably falls on supply chain companies to upgrade their processes and adopt the latest technology to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer expectations. At the same time, digital adoption will also enable logistics companies to increase productivity and efficiency levels. Therefore, it has become exceedingly important for organisations to forge digital-first and scalable supply chains in the future that are resilient, flexible, and in compliance with the ever-changing consumer preferences,” said Soham Chokshi, Co-founder and CEO of B2B digital logistics platform Shipsy.

“Logistics providers are fast realising the importance of designating the right task to the right logistics provider at the right time while considering all the constraints accompanied by different types of consignments. It is also important to democratise digital adoption. In other words, stakeholders like delivery executives should be armed with modern logistics tools to improve their performance and better understand customer needs. ML, automation, and predictive analytics can drastically augment human efforts in building robust and customer-centric logistics operations.”

At Shipsy, the success and innovation ratio is just improving, said Chokshi. “Most of our plans revolve around resolving current and future business challenges for our customers. To empower businesses to build future-ready logistics operations, we have worked round the clock to enhance our capabilities. For instance, our smart Auto Allocation system now delivers a 94 per cent success rate. We have made our Hub operations tool completely mobile. We enhanced our AI engine to optimise delivery routes literally in real-time. This has helped our customers reduce the distance travelled by 5 per cent and increase average trips by 6 per cent.”

“Our latest deployment of gamification tools is assisting businesses to boost delivery productivity and driver performance.” Chokshi added, “Completely automating logistics partner selection based on multiple factors, rate negotiations, and deploying Blockchain technology to make financial transactions safer and traceable are other areas we are focussing on.”

“Making deliveries eco-friendly, helping businesses manages unprecedented demand-supply gaps, and empowering brands to use ‘customer experience’ as a well-defined revenue stream, pose great opportunities for us. We also foresee tremendous potential in the D2C segment.”


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