Top 5 AI-enabled SaaS Logistics Startups Which Are Helping Businesses Manage On-demand Pharmaceutical Deliveries

September 27, 2021 | By Analytics Insight

Demand for pharmaceutical delivery had shot up sharply during the country-wide lockdown in late March last year. During this time, the consumers began depending heavily on e-commerce firms and online retailers to buy essential products, which compelled logistics firms to move rapidly to disburse at all ends. Hence, offline pharmacies and FMCG retailers stepped up their partnerships with AI-enabled to reach consumers on time.

Logistics management platforms support pharmaceutical companies in seamlessly facilitating immediate deliveries. The deployment of such AI-based solutions enables the pharma supply chain to gather actionable insights resulting in better visibility, service quality, and an enhanced customer experience.

Here are the top 5 AI-enabled SaaS Logistics Startups which are revolutionizing on-demand deliveries through their agile and innovative technology:

1. Shipsy:  Powered by AI, Shipsy’s smart logistics management platform has been helping leading pharma companies seamlessly scale and automate deliveries. Shipsy’s faster order processing, intelligent auto allocation system, easy 3PL management, and end-to-end real-time tracking bring agility, speed, seamless integrations, and visibility to facilitate same-day/one-hour deliveries. The intuitive route optimization and planning solution coupled with advanced en route order clubbing considers various constraints such as delivery radius, location, maximum no. of orders that a vehicle and rider can take up in one go to automatically club multiple orders.

The SaaS player had also played an instrumental role in facilitating the delivery of COVID-critical goods for ACT Grants and Udhyam. It has also been helping DTDC with faster and contactless deliveries of COVID vaccines throughout the country. A short deployment time makes it a viable and preferred technology partner in the category.

2. FarEye: The FarEye Intelligent Delivery Management Platform helps businesses go live faster, instantly roll out process changes, and keep the delivery ecosystem agile. The engine creates a great logistics experience for the consumers with end-to-end visibility throughout the delivery journey. FarEye provides Intelligent Delivery Orchestration solutions helping retail enterprises provide new delivery experiences. End-to-end visibility is achieved by optimizing routes resulting in a positive customer experience.

3. Bringg: Bringg helps enterprises scale up and optimize their last mile operations with data-led fulfillment and delivery orchestration SaaS technology. Using Bringg, retailers and logistics providers can rapidly enable innovative delivery and fulfillment models that maximize the customer experience, optimize logistics operations and scale business channels for growth. Some of the world’s best-known brands in more than 50 countries use Bringg’s platform to deliver the perfect last-mile experience at peak efficiency across multiple delivery models.

4. Convey: Founded in 2013, Convey is the market leader in Delivery Experience Management (DEM) and powers exceptional customer delivery experiences for some of the world’s most recognizable brands in retail and logistics, including The Home Depot, Walmart,, C.H. Robinson, and Ingram Micro. The company’s DEM platform combines estimated delivery date in the cart, real-time visibility in transit, post-purchase communications, and AI-driven insights to create a solution capable of perfecting last-mile delivery.

5. Tookan: Tookan is one such SaaS-based delivery management solution, which could be employed to enable businesses to manage their delivery processes and fleet. Its all-inclusive package includes an easy-to-use and powerful Admin Panel as well as a user-friendly mobile application for Drivers. The platform comes with an integrated Google Maps API in both the Admin Panel and Driver-side App. With the help of a GPS system, you can now track the real-time location and movement of your drivers. The dashboard is also equipped with necessary features that can automatically record their traveling time, distance covered, pick up and drop off locations.

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