Add Vehicle Category in Transport Tab


Jan 16, 2023

We are proud to announce an improvement to our vehicle category addition process. Previously, users were required to add vehicle categories to their organization by executing a separate query. We have now made it easier for users to add vehicle categories through the user interface (UI).

Upon adding a vehicle category to their organization, the vehicle type was only reflected in the Transport tab. However, with our latest update, the vehicle categories can now be added to the Task Allocation tab as well.

This enhancement provides a more comprehensive view of the vehicle categories across the whole dashboard, making it easier for users to manage and allocate their resources.

Use CaseSolution
Given the option to add custom vehicle categories on UIWe have provided the ‘Vehicle Category’ tab in the ‘Transport Window’ on our Dashboard. This tab can be used to add a custom vehicle category (which is currently added via query). The access to edit the ‘Vehicle Category’ tab would be set by your organization’s administrator.

There are two tabs in the transport window:
1. Vehicles
2. Vehicle Category

The input fields in the modal for adding vehicle type are:
1. VehicleID
2. Vehicle Name
3. Description
4. Active Yes/No

Reference: Modal from the CEP module
Actions that can be performed after the vehicle category is addedOnce a vehicle category is added, the user can perform the following actions:
• Edit: Used to edit the added vehicle category
• Disable: Used to disable the vehicle category
Adding the same vehicle categories across our dashboardAfter the vehicle categories are added, they are integrated across the dashboard. The various places where the vehicle categories are used currently are as follows:
• Delivery Partner Management
  ◦ Adding the various Vehicle Types added in the Transport tab in the ‘Vehicle Type’ on the Add Rider modal

• Task Allocation
  ◦ Task Allocation
    ▪ Adding all the different vehicle categories in the Task allocation field in the following:
        • Maximum Orders Per Worker
        • Maximum Orders Weight
        • Priority of vehicle type while assigning orders – 1 is highest

  ◦ Hub Level Config
    ▪ Need to update the ‘No. of Vehicle Category?’ to the number of vehicle categories added by the client
    ▪ Adding the vehicle category in the drop down for ‘Vehicle’ while creating a Config Object

• Parking Slot

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