Analyze Multiple Hub Parameters at a Glance


Jan 16, 2023

Previously, the Dispatch Management Screen allowed for the selection and viewing of orders and delivery partners for only a single hub. However, an enhancement has been made to the system, allowing users to select multiple hubs on the Dispatch Management Screen, thereby providing a consolidated view of the associated orders and delivery partners for the selected hubs. This change has been implemented to accommodate the needs of managers who oversee multiple hubs and require the ability to manage orders and view the status of both orders and delivery partners

Multi-Hub Selection in Dispatch Management Screen

  • This will be driven through a config that will allow enabling or disabling this feature. By default, the functionality will be enabled for all clients.
  • When the user will press on the Store dropdown, there will be a checkbox against each hub that the user can click on to select. Only the hubs where the checkboxes are selected will be displayed in the list.
  • After the hubs are selected, the user will be able to view the orders and the Delivery Partners associated with all the hubs that have been selected.
  • The metrics at the top of the Dispatch Management page will reflect the calculation across the selected hubs. The total number of orders and Delivery Partners will be union across hubs.
  • The selected hubs will be displayed as pills within the Store field.
  • When the user opens the dropdown after selection, all the selected hubs will be available at top of the selection. If the user starts typing in the search field of Store, only the relevant hubs will be displayed (based on permission and the typed-in phrase). If any selected hubs are within the specified search, they will always be on the top of the list. If unselected, the hub will not be displayed when the dropdown is opened again.
  • A new column will be added under the Delivery Partner section for “Hub” that will mention the hub & the Delivery Partner it’s associated with.


  • Only users with permission to see the hub will be able to view and select the hub in the list.
  • If a user selects a parent hub in parent-child configuration, the user cannot select child hubs – they will all be visible anyway.
  • However, the user can select multiple child hubs when the parent hub is not selected.

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