Automate Triggers Based on Customized NDRs


Nov 14, 2022

For improved automated Order Cancellation and Smart NDR Management, we have introduced NDR-Based Cancellation Triggers. These triggers automate the order cancellation process and make order management more efficient for our clients.

These NDR triggers can be customized based on the use cases and an action can be automated based on the trigger chosen. Some of the examples of the triggers are:

  • Customer refused to accept the order 
  • Customer location incorrect
  • Location not serviceable / long distance order

The actions such as: 

  • Scheduled for next day delivery 
  • Return to origin 
  • Canceling the order

Any action can be associated with any of the customizable Non-Delivery reasons.

NDR Reasons Along With Customized Actions
RTO Initiation for the Relevant NDR 

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