Constraint Tag in Add Order API for High-Priority Orders


Jan 16, 2023

At Shipsy, we understand that every order is unique. Sometimes, end-customers have specific priorities based on parameters like delivery time or order value. To meet these requirements, logistics businesses need to ensure that high-priority orders are delivered efficiently.

To help with this, we have added the Constraint Tag feature to our On-Demand module. Using this feature, users can share ‘Order Tags’ through the Add Order API. After the constraint tags are received, our allocation engine will consider the priority of your order, as indicated by the tag, and allocate the most appropriate rider for the job.

This new feature will help you streamline your order management and prioritize the most important deliveries, making sure that your customers receive their packages in a timely and efficient manner.

Below image shows the ‘Order Tags’ reflected in the dashboard

Order Allocation Strategy:

  • If the order has two tags (TAG1, TAG2) and a rider has three tags (TAG1, TAG2, TAG3), the order will be assigned to that rider as the order tags are a subset of the rider tags.
  • In the case where the valid tags list only contains two tags, and the order contains three tags, the third non-valid tag will be discarded and the order will be considered with only the two valid tags

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