Delivery Scan: Proof of Delivery


July 11, 2022

Shipsy’s latest Delivery Scan feature in the On-Demand delivery management platform lets you orchestrate 100% accurate deliveries, right from origin to your customers’ doorsteps. Your riders can now scan and match the Barcodes for individual packages with shipper provided barcodes to ensure correct deliveries. This is a configurable feature that we’re continuously improving, so we request you to check it out and share your feedback with us.

This solves a couple of frequently faced delivery challenges.

Whenever large orders are being delivered, sometimes a single order is split in multiple packages or Handling Units. Hence, an order can have multiple small packages with distinct barcodes or HU (Handling Unit) numbers. 

To ensure that such orders don’t get misplaced after leaving the hub, there is a dire need to closely monitor the movement of the order across various checkpoints.

Two major problems need to be addressed – riders misplacing order items with heavy volume of orders, and ensuring that no package has been lost/damaged in transportation.

What’s New

Shipsy’s latest On-Demand product update – Delivery Scan – ensures 100% accurate order movement with each segment of the order delivery.
With this feature, the rider will be able to scan an individual package’s barcode and match the package with its respective order. If the barcodes match, there will be a validation at the customer door regarding the correct order bags’ delivery & the proof of delivery of the order.

A delivery is marked successful only if:

  • There is a status update on successful scanning
  • Or the rider specifies a reason for not scanning the barcode or failed scans against every bag in the order. This occurs rarely, such as in cases where the barcode is not scannable due to smudges or partial tears.

In addition to ensuring correct deliveries every time, this feature offers enterprises and riders another way to validate PoDs and plan efficient deliveries.