Dynamic Route Sequence with live tracking!


Aug 24, 2022

Our innovations are inspired by regular customer feedback. In this case, our customers wanted to see a detailed tracking screen with a sequence of planned deliveries. 

As seen below, with this feature, hub managers can have more visibility of the rider’s delivery approach and prevent SLA breaches with a quick observation.

Now you can visualize the actual sequence in which the rider delivers the consignments in the trip planned by the hub manager.

How is it different from earlier?

Prior to this, there were no sequence numbers on the planned route in the tracking screen. However, with this update:

  • The pins on the tracking screen map now come with the sequence number of the consignment in the trip.
  • The sequence number shows the sequence in which the consignment is delivered/picked up.
  • Sequence is maintained even when on the trip, the consignments are added, removed or even reordered.

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