Enhanced Filtering Option in Reporting Tab


Jan 16, 2023

At Shipsy, we’re always working to make our tools more powerful and impactful for our users. Our latest update to the Data Reporting module is no exception.

We’ve added new, extensive filtering options to the dashboard, making it easier for users to analyze data and gain insights into their operations. These new options allow businesses to analyze their operations at a granular level, uncovering valuable insights into how they can optimize their logistics processes.

Key Filter Options in the Data Reporting Module

Dashboard Filter OptionDescription
Rider Code/NameDropdown search based on the rider code and rider name for required hubs
Order Time BreachedYes/No values for List of orders where ETA is breached
Delivery on Time (in minutes)Select range (based on minimum and maximum value sliders) of the delivery SLA. 

This filter can also be used to get the data where delivery SLA was breached. 

Example: If the delivery SLA is 10 minutes, then this filter can be used to get breakdowns of number of orders between 10-15 minutes, 15-20 minutes, etc
Order StatusDropdown option to select additional order status such as “Archived”, “Return to Origin Initiated”, and “Return to Origin Delivered”

For Shipsy Users: Follow the below steps to add custom filters to your Dashboard. Please connect with your client success manager for any queries.

Use CaseSolution
Add Custom Filters to the current reporting tab• Click on the Settings button in the filters under the reporting module

• A Pop-Up box appears (as shown in the below image) with the complete list of filters that can be selected
• From this list, the user can select the checkbox to enable desired filters

• All filters that are enabled under “Show on Main Dashboard” will be reflected in the Reporting Screen UI.

• If many filters are selected in “Show in Main Dashboard”, they will be reflected in the next line.

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