Introducing our New ‘Field Task Management’ Module


Mar 22, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our new module, “Field Task Management,” designed to help you seamlessly manage service request management alongside your deliveries. With this new module, Shipsy is taking a big step towards optimizing slot booking flow for our clients.

The “Field Task Management” module allows you to manage services like installations, demos, repairs, maintenance, and more, and assign field technicians dedicated to specific job types. Here is an overview of the process flow for the module:

  1. Client data, such as the type of service request, location, desired time-slots, and desired field technicians (if any), are recorded by the customer care team and shared with the Shipsy module.
  2. Shipsy’s intelligent system suggests desired slots and suggested slots based on the input parameters.
  3. Desired slots will be suggested if the customer-requested technicians are available to attend to the request.
  4. In case desired technicians are not available, the system will suggest other best-fit slots via Suggested Slots.
  5. These slots will be reflected to the clients from which they can choose and block the service call slot.

Our “Field Task Management” module offers the flexibility to configure the parameters that are used by the intelligent slot allocation system. Parameters such as minimum slot duration, technician working and break times, slot assignment strategy, territory definitions, and more can be defined by the system admins.

With this new module, you can now manage service requests and deliveries seamlessly, streamlining your operations and enhancing your customer service. We are committed to providing our clients with the latest and most innovative solutions to help them succeed, and we look forward to your feedback on this new module.

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