Manage Rider Payouts smoothly with COD settlement


Aug 24, 2022

Current annual attrition rate at the delivery staff level is more than 50%, consequently, rider retention has become a major issue with hyperlocal ecommerce businesses. Not anymore!

Happy riders, happy managers.

Shipsy’s latest update enables hub managers to settle rider’s payout easier than ever. Settle rider’s earnings using cash on delivery (COD) reconciliation, all from Shipsy’s dashboard and rider’s app.

The rider can now settle their earned payout against the order’s COD reconciliation amount with the hub manager within the rider application. This will allow riders to:

  • Reduce number of transactions on the ground-level
  • Easier payout management to rider
  • Early access to wages using the COD cash amount

Increasing rider’s retention by reducing their time and effort is key and this feature enables it.

Shipsy evolves continually to have your best interests aligned in our vision. To increase rider retention we are launching a series of updates where we will talk about new features that will help your business grow and offer unique benefits to your riders. Stay tuned for more on this in the following product update emails.

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