More Integrations With More 3rd-Party Cash Collectors


Nov 14, 2022

To ensure seamless and secure cash reconciliation, we have onboarded New 3rd Party Vendors (Airtel Money and Paynearby) in addition to Spice Money for cash collection in the CoD settlement and Rider Payout Module. To enhance the user experience, the configuration modules have also been enhanced. This helps the riders to raise a request for cash settlement at the nearest 3rd Party Vendor outlet without disrupting the daily job responsibilities of hub managers.

How Does This Feature Work?

Once the amount of cash with a Rider surpasses a certain limit, the Rider can look for a third-party cash vendor from the available list, and raise a request for cash settlement. Then, they can visit any of the nearest outlets of the vendor to deposit the cash against the raised request.

3rd party cash collectors in rider app

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