Pay Delivery Partners based on Distance, Time, and more


Jan 16, 2023

As on-demand deliveries continue to grow and become more complex, the need for a smooth and efficient delivery management system has never been greater. With an increasing number of businesses operating their own fleet for last mile deliveries, the focus is shifting towards simplifying the rider management process.

Our latest update to the rider payout module provides a solution that automates the rider payout system while saving your business time and effort. With this new feature, you can now define rule-based rider payout structures with parameters such as hours logged-in, distance traveled, or number of orders delivered.

With this new feature, businesses can save countless hours on manual financial calculations by automating the rider payout process. Whether you’re managing your own fleet or contract riders, this update provides a streamlined solution that will help you operate more efficiently and effectively.

Time BasedPayout rules set based on the hours of operation for the rider, which is based on the check-in period on the rider app
Distance BasedRiders are mapped to the parent hub (business defined) and pay is calculated based on the planned distances covered between the pickup and delivery operations
Order-basedPayout rules based on the number of deliveries completed by riders during a defined period.
Bonus of completion of orderMilestone based bonus payout where the milestones are set by the business. Ex milestones: daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly number of reviews

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