Digital Customer Experience

Generate Uber-like experiences, boost rider
productivity, and ensure on-time delivery 

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Key Benefits

12% increase in delivery success rate and reduced Non-Delivered (ND) & Return-to-Origin (RTO) deliveries

14% reduction in Last-Mile Delivery costs with reduced NDs & RTOs, cash handling costs and requirement for call center resources

24% increase in deliveries per driver with reduction in miles travelled and time spent at receivers’ address

1.5 point increase in Brand NPS score with a better customer experience and reduced fake delivery attempts

Product Overview

Trigger automated alerts for each stage of delivery

  • Use Shipsy’s Communication Engine to notify customers about each stage of delivery their consignment is in through E-mail, SMS or WhatsApp 

Communicate exact delivery time slot

  • Intimate customers about the date & time slot during which delivery will be attempted 

Enable your customers to drop & confirm location pin

  • Enhance customer’s location accuracy by allowing customers to confirm or edit the delivery location pin by easily dragging & dropping it on a map
  • Notification to do so can be sent to customers right after order confirmation or pickup confirmation

Provide Live-Location Tracking with dynamic ETA 

  • Share a branded webpage link with customers to allow them to track the live location of the driver with dynamic ETA
  • The link can be shared at a configurable time before delivery or after a certain event is triggered in the delivery process
  • Also available as an SDK integration to show live-tracking on your app

Give customers an option to pay online for CoD orders

  • Provide customers with the ability to pay for deliveries online, before or during the time of delivery to reduce cash handling and associated costs

Facilitate easier communication with rider chat

  • Allow riders and recipients to communicate via rider chat if either party is unable or unwilling to make phone calls.
  • The rider chat can be accessed through a web page or on your app through SDK integration 

Allow customers to share delivery instructions & exceptions

  • Empower customers to share instructions such as ‘leave at door’ or ‘leave at neighbor’, and optionally to reschedule a delivery
  • If your business provides, customers can also opt for PUDO in case of unavailability and have the delivery made to a nearby locker or center

Eliminate Fake Delivery Attempts

  • Validate genuineness of delivery attempts with feedback from customers in case of non-delivery
  • Auto-arrest mock GPS tools that riders may use and verify proximity to delivery location during delivery attempt with geofencing
  • Track riders with repeat offenses through a dashboard

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