On-Demand Delivery Allocation

Intelligent order allocation engine with AI-based route optimization, real-time tracking, etc., for efficient hyperlocal/on-demand deliveries.

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Key Benefits

Successfully deliver in SLAs as short as 15 minutes

45% decrease in average order allocation time with instant allocation

24% increase in the rate of on-time delivery with optimized rider selection & routing

14% decrease in per-delivery cost with increased asset utilization and dynamic clubbing

Product Overview

Intelligent Order Allocation

  • Allocate orders within nanoseconds to a driver closest to a hub, verified through geofencing
  • Allocate orders to 3PLs in case of a surge in order volume or unavailability of fleet

Direct Task Notification on Rider App

  • Order details and optimized routes are directly sent to riders on the rider app
  • Riders can mark delivery completion on the app in real-time

Dynamic Clubbing

  • Option to club multiple orders on the same delivery trip 
  • The platform can wait for a configurable time for a nearby order before the allocation 

Increased Asset Utilization

  • Increase the number of deliveries/riders with reduced time per delivery and reduce asset requirement
  • Avail floating fleet option to use the same fleet across multiple hub locations 

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