Shipsy BI

Transforming Logistics Through Data-Driven Insights

Analyze and optimize logistics operations through insights into key metrics, areas for improvement, and data-driven decision-making

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Key Solution Benefits

Harness the power of data

Improve visibility and transparency via real-time KPI tracking

Identify and mitigate risks in logistics operations

Increase efficiency of logistic operations and reduce costs

Enhance decision making through actionable insights

Product Overview

Turn Your Logistics Data into Action with Shipsy BI

Shipsy BI transforms logistics through data-driven insights, enhancing visibility, efficiency, and decision-making. It offers interactive dashboards, real-time KPI tracking, and predictive analytics to optimize operations. With Shipsy BI, you can evaluate performance, uncover cost optimization opportunities, manage discrepancies, and forecast future demand, enabling proactive problem-solving and improved logistics operations

Feature Overview

Empower Your Logistics Operations with Informed Decision-Making

Track Key KPIs

  • Easily create interactive dashboards & customize data visualization from the Shipsy’s BI itself, no need of third party visualization tools.

  • Collect and analyze massive data sets within seconds from multiple sources.

  • Keep tab of key KPIs at hub, franchise, vendor and driver level.

Informed & Enhanced Decision Making

  • Evaluate performance of 3PLs, trucks, drivers, cycle time, capacity planning etc.

  • Unearth cost optimization pockets and new revenue streams 

  • Manage discrepancies through immediate actions on real-time errors

Real-time & Predictive Analytics

  • Real-time alerts of breach in KPIs or issues in logistics operations

  • Forecast future demand and optimize logistics operations through predictive analytics

  • Anticipate and address potential issues before they occur