Cost Efficiency Meets Customer Delight: Transformative Strategies for Modern-Day Transport

2nd May, 2024

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM IST


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Even today businesses rely on manual processes to requisition market vehicles and assign trip routes. This increases the time between identifying vehicle requirements and requisition and results in a higher number of vehicles being hired. Poor carrier visibility and manual shipment tracking further weigh down transportation operations.

Shpisy's AI-powered logistics orchestration platform empowers businesses to quickly raise indents, auto-allocate vehicles and routes, and track shipments in real-time. Aberdeen Group highlighted that automated indent allocation can reduce transportation costs by up to 15%.

Using AI and automation, our intelligent optimization engine significantly shrinks freight costs by maximizing FTL trips. Shipsy’s data-rich reports on transporter and warehouse SLAs further improve transportation efficiency.

We’re empowering 100s of enterprises to reduce freight costs, drive data-driven decisions, boost CX, and gain 100% visibility of transportation processes. To learn more about achieving these efficiencies, join us in our next Masterclass.

Key capabilities to be showcased:

  • Shipsy AI-powered Optimizer Engine

  • Automated Vendor and Indent Management

  • Real-time Tracking across carriers


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