Shipsy Masterclass:
Customer Contracts and Billing Module

4th May, 2023

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (IST)


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Accenture highlights that 75% of LSPs (Logistics Service Providers) say that effective contract management is a critical success metric but only 25% feel that they have the necessary technology to do it. Let’s address this gap.

In our next Masterclass we will explore how LSPs can enhance the shipper experience, reduce calculation errors, and customize invoices by automating customer contracts and billing processes with Shipsy.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Automating billing: Empower LSPs to auto-calculate charges and generate invoices at the end of billing cycles.

  • Custom charge heads: Define and maintain contracted rates for a flexible number of charge heads, ensuring accurate customer billing.

  • Configurable parameters and rules: Tailor charges head parameters and custom rules for calculating individual and final charges.

  • Efficient invoicing: Generate invoices for specific periods and stages of service, reducing errors through built-in charge calculation logic.

  • API integration and accessibility: Quickly generate and access invoices using APIs, with Excel/pdf download options.

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Watch Recording

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