Shipsy Masterclass: Drive Business Growth & Achieve Logistics Excellence With Shipsy’s Multi-Carrier Management

11th June, 2024 - Tuesday

4 - 5 PM (IST)


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Fast delivery expectations and the need to service new geographies are making using multiple carriers a norm, not an exception. In fact, 85% of Fortune 500 companies are leveraging multiple 3PL to enhance logistics operations. But managing multiple logistics partners isn’t easy.

Inability to track shipment status across carriers in real-time, accurately benchmark their performance, provide a unified customer experience and analyze reasons for non-deliveries make multi-carrier operations daunting.

Over the years Shipsy has been successfully transforming how carriers are managed using automation and AI. In this Masterclass we’ll show you how our advanced Multi-Carrier Management solution is empowering businesses to offer same/next-day deliveries, provide ‘Uber-like’ customer experience, gain 100% visibility of all 3PL operations and reduce line-haul and last-mile costs.

Capabilities we will show:

  • Multiple carrier onboarding using single API

  • Automated carrier selection and order allocation

  • Cross border & multi-leg goods movement orchestration

  • Digital customer experience

  • Performance analytics and reporting

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