Shipsy Masterclass:
Field Task Management & Slot Booking

18th May, 2023

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (IST)


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Imagine a customer experience where furniture is installed moments after its delivery. Or sending an expert technician to service an air conditioner at a time slot desired by the customer. Automation, AI-driven personnel allocation and real-time visibility are making such efficiencies an achievable reality.

Eliminate frustrating delays in your service operations and increase your service reliability with Shipsy’s Field Task Management module, which has been designed to elevate your doorstep services to optimal cost-efficiency, speed and customer experience. Whether you are a big box retailer or a home services brand, or you have to provide any other doorstep service provider, with or without delivery, Shipsy’s cutting edge cloud platform can help you plan, track and execute service requests with ease.

Join us in our upcoming Masterclass to learn how the Field Task Management & Slot Booking module can help your business gain an edge by:

  • Effortlessly configuring consignment & job flows to match your specific requirements

  • Enabling your customers to book particular time slots and re-book technicians for service requests

  • Seamlessly managing end-to-end job flow through our intuitive rider app

  • Keeping customers informed and satisfied with real-time job tracking

  • Efficiently planning various tasks such as installations, maintenance, demos etc. using our user-friendly operations dashboard.


Watch Recording

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