Shipsy Masterclass:
'Job Based Flow' for Value Added Services

8th December, 2022

2:30pm - 3:15pm GST | 4pm - 4:45pm IST



Shipsy's latest innovation around ‘Job Based Flow’ will empower big box retailers and healthcare brands collecting test samples to improve logistics operations powering services like installation, maintenance, inspection, fitment, sample collection and more. Businesses can now track, plan and add/update workflows to improve their value added services using a single dashboard.

So, join us for the next Shipsy 101 session to delve deeper and understand how our ‘job based flow’ can help you offer and improve these value added services.

Key features & processes showcased

  • Configuring the desired flow and jobs for the CNs

  • Planning the jobs via ops dashboard

  • Seamlessly manage end to end job flow in the rider app

  • Tracking of jobs for the customers


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