Shipsy Masterclass:
Customer Portal

19th January, 2023

2:30pm - 3:15pm GST | 4pm - 4:45pm IST


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Shipsy’s smart logistics platform helps courier, express, and parcel companies (CEP) drive high-levels of operational efficiencies. Our Customer Portal empowers businesses to seamlessly create bulk orders, schedule pickups, track orders and enhance customer experience all while optimizing costs and time. Today, Shipsy is empowering logistics service providers to reduce mid-mile costs by 12%, shrink customer query calls by 40% per order and boost capacity utilization by 32%.

Join us for the upcoming Shipsy Masterclass to delve deeper into how our Customer Portal can simplify, automate and optimize your core logistics processes.

Register now and learn how to:

  • Seamlessly create bulk orders with address book feature

  • Easily schedule of pickups

  • Live track orders across various stages

  • Leverage smart electronic proof of deliveries

  • Create multiple level of accounts (child accounts)


Watch Recording

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