Shipsy Masterclass:
On Demand Auto-Allocation

9th February, 2023

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (IST)


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Shipsy's intelligent on demand auto-allocation engine empowers quick commerce brands worldwide to ensure high levels of SLA adherence, improve delivery margins, enhance rider productivity and create delightful delivery experiences.

Join us for this week's Shipsy Masterclass to understand the magic behind how our proprietary engine works and how it can transform your hyperlocal logistics operations.

Today, Shipsy's auto-allocation solution enables businesses to ensure:

  • 77% reduction in steps for the delivery process

  • 24% increase in on-time deliveries

  • 22% improvement in deliveries-per-day-per-driver by

  • 45% reduction in average order allocation time

Register now to learn about these game-changing capabilities:

  • Constraints-based order allocation and dynamic clubbing

  • Seamless orchestration of 3PLs

  • Refine order allocation based on rider type

  • Efficient management of parking spots at inventory locations


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