Shipsy Masterclass:
Route Optimization

June 22, 2023

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (IST)


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Growing empty miles, high fuel consumption, and manual transportation planning negatively impact costs, CX, and sustainability goals. In fact, research highlights that 10-30% of delivery delays can be attributed to poor route planning.

Shipsy's Route Optimization module addresses these. It maximizes vehicle capacity utilization, consolidates truckloads, and minimizes travel distances across trips. The module generates routes covering multiple orders using owned, third-party, and hired vehicles. It allows businesses to choose from six routing strategies with 200+ constraint parameters to ensure the fastest and most economical deliveries.

We're sure you would want your business to achieve the same. We invite you to join our next Masterclass and learn how your peers are using our Route Optimization module to achieve a 25% increase in deliveries per vehicle, improve schedule adherence by 20%, reduce transportation costs by 14%, and more.

Key features to showcased:

  • Routing Playground

  • Hub Partitioning

  • Geofencing and Geocoding Engine

  • Optimizer mechanics & parameters

  • Live tracking


Watch Recording

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