Shipsy Masterclass:
Freight Procurement & Shipment Execution

9th March, 2023

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (IST)


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Today, 66% of logistics stakeholders consider 'automating freight procurement' a top priority. Cost control challenges, delayed deliveries and primary rejection rates are critical drivers of this development.

Using Shipsy, cross-border logistics stakeholders intelligently negotiate and procure freight from a massive ecosystem of shipping lines and freight forwarders (FFs). It's helping them gain visibility of current market rates and leverage preferential relationships with FFs.

Well, not just freight procurement. When it comes to ensuring cost-efficient and on-time shipping, efficient shipment execution is critical too.

Shipsy's Shipment Execution solution automates complex documentation processes pertaining to trade lanes and incoterms. It enables businesses to collaborate seamlessly for pre-shipment documentation.

With Shipsy, logistics stakeholders can:

  • Quickly fetch spot rates for short and long-term freight procurement

  • Leverage strategic FFs to drive faster rate delivery and negotiations

  • Create shipment documents catering to incoterms and shipment modes

  • Upload documents (including paper) in a centralized vault

  • Get a timely view of the progress and intervene if any bottlenecks arise

We would love to tell you more. So, do join us at our next masterclass and see how you can quickly process pre-shipment tasks and save time.



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