Shipsy Masterclass:
Digitizing Transport Indenting
For Cost Efficiency

23 February, 2023

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (IST)


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Manually transport indent management workflows prolong vehicle acquisition time, lower deliveries completed by a vehicle and ultimately cause shipping delays.

With delivery SLAs becoming stringent, these inefficiencies become a nightmare. But by digitizing indent management processes, logistics leaders are successfully overcoming these challenges.

For instance, Shipsy’s Transport Indent Management platform is enabling large enterprises and manufacturers to:

  • Decrease average market vehicle acquisition time by 80%

  • Increase the number of deliveries per vehicle by 25%

  • Improve average delivery time by 18%

  • Reduce overall cost of market vehicles by 14%

The platform allows businesses to digitize their vendor rate contracts and automatically raise requests for market vehicles to their preferred vendors when required.

Sounds useful? Then join Shipsy’s Masterclass on Transport Indent Management to learn more about how your business can increase vehicle requisition speed requisition and reduce costs.

Key features we’ll showcase:

  • Auto-indent creation for custom and optimized FTL trips

  • Vendor communication and indent acceptance via Vendor Portal

  • Visibility of trip details to the vendor



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