Shipsy’s Multi-Carrier Management Solution


Updated on September 19th, 2023

To balance CX, costs and growth, partnering with multiple carriers is now the norm. With APIs and ready-to-use integrations, Shipsy’s Multi-Carrier Management solution allows businesses to seamlessly onboard and collaborate with multiple carriers. Logistics stakeholders can use a single dashboard to track order status and delivery performance across all logistics partners.

Shipsy’s order allocation engine auto-selects carriers based on business needs like cheapest, fastest, best customer rated and more. It’s elevating CX via real-time visibility and standardized communications across logistics service providers (LSPs). Shipsy’s analytics dashboard enables businesses to validate suspicious attempts and accurately benchmark the performance of LSPs.

It’s helping businesses boost serviceability, reduce costs by 15%, fulfill same/next-day delivery promises and boost on-time delivery volumes by 25% and more. You can achieve these efficiencies too. Request a customized demo, and we’ll show you how to:

  • Quickly expand your network and serviceability
  • Automate creation and allocation of orders
  • Ensure superior customer communication
  • Orchestrate and automate cross-border and multi-leg shipments
  • Simplify non-delivery reasons and reduce RTOs
  • Get proactive alerts on cost deviations from LSPs