Shipsy’s Territory and Workforce Optimization Solution


Created on August 9, 2023

We’re sure the video made you curious! After all, Territory and Workforce Optimization in logistics is a new concept. It’s revolutionizing how logistics service providers (LSP) can save costs. While traditional routing addresses just 15% of overall last-mile expenses, territory and workforce optimization addresses a significant chunk of fixed costs of almost 75%.

Territory and Workforce Optimization solution ensures scientific workforce planning, increases the total number of daily deliveries in a city, generates the right mix of full-time drivers and freelancers needed, and easily addresses seasonal demands.

It’s already empowering businesses to save last-mile costs by up to 28% and increase rider productivity by up to 16%. You can achieve these efficiencies too. Request a customized demo, and we’ll show you how to:

  • Scientifically create delivery territories based on historical, real-time and geographical factors
  • Generate the right mix of full-time drivers and freelancers needed by remapping zones/clusters
  • Easily adapt to seasonal and volatile parcel volumes without compromising service quality