10 Features to Look For When Choosing the Best Transport Management Software in Bahrain


10 Features to Look For When Choosing the Best Transport Management Software in Bahrain

Have you made all the efforts but failed to fix your transport-related problems? 

It could be due to the traditional transport management processes you are using. To stand out in the cutting-throat competition and to serve your customers better, it is no less than a necessity to opt for transport management software. 

A reliable and smart transport management software will help you reduce freight expenses, track deliveries in real-time, and improve your customer service standards. You can increase your supply chain efficiency and also improve your warehouse efficiency.

And if you are running a business that requires reliable and feature-rich transport software, then this article will help you to choose the best transport management software in Bahrain. 

Hare, we not only share the key considerations that you must have in mind while choosing the software but also the top features you must look for. 

Before we dive into the details, let us learn more about transport management software.

Key Features to Consider While Choosing A Transport Management Software in Bahrain

Easy Integration

The transportation management software should be easy to integrate into your existing ERP or OMS. Having SaaS-based transport software can fulfill this requirement in just a matter of a few days. 

Order Management

The software should have an intelligent management system to automate order bifurcation as well as the order allocation process. Since this process consumes too much time and requires a huge team of professionals, having transport management software can relieve you from both. 

Vehicle Capacity Utilization

Make sure that the software you choose has the feature to automatically select delivery vehicles based on their size, type, and other constraints. By using every vehicle’s capacity completely, you can save big on the fuel cost and the overall transportation cost. Besides, if you are using self-fleet, then this feature would also help in minimizing the requirement for hiring more vehicles from the market. 

Route Optimization

The transportation software should offer a digitized route planning and optimization feature to display the optimized delivery routes. By following such routes, you would not only be able to ensure timely deliveries but also reduce vehicle maintenance costs, driving time, and efforts. 

Today’s advanced transport management software, such as the one provided by a leading SaaS-based software provider (Shipsy), also offers a dynamic route planning and multi-stop route planning feature. 

The former helps in getting new routes immediately after a customer cancels the order, which is out for delivery. On the other hand, the latter ensures that the route generated considers multiple stops for delivering different orders. 

Real-Time Tracking

The transport management system you choose should provide you and your customers the option to track the consignment in real-time. This will give you an update on the status of the consignment. 

Bahrain’s over-reliance on the road networks for freight transportation is one of the key challenges of its logistics industry. This is why investing in reliable, smart, and robust transport management software in Bahrain can be a highly rewarding business decision.

This is because real-time tracking can solve many pain points in terms of shipment tracking and management. 

Driver App

Providing a dedicated app to your riders is necessary to help them know trip-related information and new pick-up requests. They can also use the app for calculating cash on delivery payments and uploading digitized proof of delivery. Therefore, make sure the transportation software has this feature. 

Delivery ETA

With this feature, you can help your customers to know the estimated time of delivery. The feature will help to reduce the number of calls to your customer support team. 

Reschedule Deliveries

The transport software should be able to provide your customers with the option to reschedule delivery time and address. This would reduce the chances of failed or unsuccessful delivery attempts. 

Delivery Feedback

Make sure that the transport management system has the provision to collect customer feedback that will help to improve delivery operations.

Reports and Analytics

If your transport management software includes this feature, you would be able to generate delivery-related, order-related, rider performance-related reports to improve your processes. 

Looking For a Transport Management Software in Bahrain: We Have the Right Answer!

To get excellent transport management software in Bahrain, you can contact Shipsy. 

The company offers SaaS-based software, which can be deployed over the cloud. The best part of Shipsy’s transportation management software in Bahrain is that it can be customized as per your particular business requirements. So, get it today and forget the worries of high transportation costs and inefficient transport operation management. 


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