Which is the best logistics management software in Bahrain?


Created on April 14, 2021

Logistics plays a pivotal role in the successful run of an e-commerce, manufacturing, petroleum, agricultural or any other industry in Bahrain. With effective logistics management, businesses can ensure smooth movement of raw materials as well as goods. On the other hand, in the lack of efficient management, they might face challenges like- 

  • Late or missed deliveries
  • Poor operational visibility
  • High logistics costs
  • Customer dissatisfaction 
  • Inefficient route optimization
  • Inability to measure riders’ performance 

Due to these and many other challenges, you might have to lose your customers. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to opt for such logistics management systems that can streamline the delivery-related processes and automate them to minimize manual efforts. And if you are looking out for logistics management software in Bahrain, then the first thing you must be thinking about is which is the best one of all. Now, there are two main criteria to choose logistics software in Bahrain. Firstly, it should be customizable, and secondly, it should include the features given in this article. 

Features of logistics software in Bahrain

Intelligent order allocation 

To understand the importance of this feature, let’s say you are dealing in frozen, fragile, and a few other types of goods. For the movement of different types of goods, you need different teams that can segregate the products and then find the right vehicle for delivery. The entire process of segregation and allocation can eat up a significant amount of time.

However, if you do this through logistics management software, you don’t need any human intervention. Also, the task will take not more than a few minutes. Logistics software include a smart order allocation feature that considers size and the type of the goods, delivery location, delivery time window, and a few other factors to proceed the goods for delivery. 

Vehicle capacity utilization

The logistics software in Bahrain also considers type of vehicle, size of vehicle, and other vehicle-related constraints to ensure that their capacity is utilized completely. Doing this minimizes the requirement of hiring vehicles from the market. 

Route planning and optimization  

Inefficient route planning and optimization can increase fuel cost and lead to high driving time. Moreover, it can also cause idling of engines. Using logistics software in Bahrain can help you get rid of these and other route optimization related problems. The route planning feature of the software also includes multi-stop route planning and dynamic route planning, which ensures multiple deliveries without any delay. 

Real-time tracking

With this feature, both the vendor and the end-customer can track the order and know the estimated ETA. Riders also update the status of the order such as delayed with the reason. This would also reduce the number of calls to the customer support centre.

Driver app

It is one of the significant features of the logistics software; therefore, don’t miss that out. Check if the software has a driver application or not. Such an app would help your riders to manage every trip efficiently. Moreover, it would also facilitate collecting and uploading digitized proof of delivery and offering contactless deliveries. 

Visibility for the end-customers

The feature is necessary to provide your customers with the option to reschedule delivery time/address, submit delivery feedback, check delivery ETA, and more. 

To get logistics management software with all the above mentioned features, reach out to Shipsy. The company provides SaaS-based logistics software that can be deployed in no time. Besides, it can be customized as per your specific business requirements. Get it today to upgrade your business logistics. 


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